About school

Atlas School is a unique school for teenagers with the sole approach of putting students directly at the center of their own learning. 

Our mission

As Atlas School moves forward, we recognize the need to be agile. The need to face the challenges of everyday life, whether they be in school life, community or education at large. We lead with a definition of personalization that starts with ‘person’. We adhere to a philosophy in which meeting the educational needs can be accomplished one student at a time. And we will keep moving forward inspiring and activating teenagers, parents, business and community through  student-driven real-world learning. 

Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself

John Dewey

About school


Our world is increasingly complex and constantly changing. Information doubles every 24 months, people change careers an average of 4-5 times in their lives, and the nature of jobs changes so fast that we can’t predict even a few years into the future what skills will be needed for existing jobs, nor what jobs will be created. Education must accommodate these realities in two ways. School graduates must be prepared to adapt, change, and continue to learn. But schools, too, must be responsive to the new demands of their communities, their students, and the economy; and  should teach how to apply the knowledge in real life.

Atlas School was established in March 2018 by people who understand these realities of the world, who are not indifferent to the fate of the young generation of Kazakhstan and who are ready to invest their work, their ideas, resources and their time in creating an educational environment in which students can LEARN, APPLY, ANALYZE and CREATE.

Atlas School is a unique school for young people with the sole purpose of creating an atmosphere and conditions for the process of self-education of a teenager built around his personality, interests, abilities and talents.

Atlas School recognizes the personality and uniqueness of every teenager, this is the place where real life is taught, where every day is unique and different from the other, this is the place where incredible changes and discoveries of the talents and abilities take place, this is the place of freedom and love.

The whole program, ideas and work that are conducted in the Atlas School are in constant progress and development. And as more input is collected from our students, parents, families, schools, business partners and mentors, Atlas School and it’s program  will change – not just once, but continually  throughout the life of Atlas School.


An effective educational program is designed from the end-goal backwards. A clear vision of what its graduates should look like drives its design and actions. And this section reflects our vision of who such a graduate of Atlas School – is a person who knows how to:

  • be lifelong learners
  • be passionate
  • be able to apply knowledge in real life
  • be ready to take risks
  • be able to problem-solve and think and think critically
  • be able to look at things differently
  • be able to work independently and with others
  • be creative
  • be able to monetize their abilities and skills
  • be persevere
  • have integrity and self-esteem
  • have moral courage
  • be able to use the world around them well
  • be healthy
  • speak well, write well, read well and work well with numbers
  • truly enjoy their life and their work

Graduates of Atlas consciously choose a university and a future profession, and understand that as changes in life they can always change the type of activity, because they know how to learn and are able to monetize their skills and talents.

And most importantly ATLASNATION always follow their passion with a hot heart and a cold mind.

Our advisors

School policy

Follow your passion



Always ask questions

No dress-code

Drink water


Challenge yourself

No bulling

Special Fridays

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Keep promises

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We have partnership relationship with Big Picture Learning – a 22-year-old organization that has 130 schools throughout the U.S. and world, and was originally supported with 20 mln USD Grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation!

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