Karina Tsoy


Karina is a representative of an active and young generation. She worked in youth association for more than 4 years. She was part of the team who organised various local and state cultural events, such as MUZ-TV Awards, Open Air “Bolashak”, BI Marathon. She is a council member of the State Youth Organization “Zharasym” at the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. Karina also found  Students Assembly at ENU.

Karina believes that any child has an infinite number of distinctive features that create the appearance of a person, and believes that each of them is worthy of respect. Together with the Atlas School Karina seeks to help every teenager to reveal him/herself, overcome  weaknesses, become more self-confident. In order for a person to feel individuality, one must accept him/herself at first. One must believe in the nobility of their motives and actions, understand their aspirations and position, and let themselves be self-realise.

Who wants – finds opportunities, who does not want – makes excuses.