Madina Sypatayeva is the founder of Atlas School. She is not only a PhD in Law, but also founded Linkage & Mind law firm and has been practicing law for over the last 17 years; and at the same time she is raising a beautiful daughter, Borte.

Madina’s current goal is to dedicate her risk-taking attitudes, knowledge, passion and experience to help teenagers pursue their own way and success through finding and following their passions. Madina is working with Big Picture Learning – a 22-year- old organization that has 130 schools throughout the U.S. and world, and was originally supported with 20 mln USD Grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Atlas will be innovative agenda for education in Kazakhstan. Madina will be using her commitment to help every student take responsibility for his/her life and be conscious and happy about their growth.

“Think outside the box, reasonably risk and act effectively” – these are Madina’s key approaches in business.

Sleep less, eat less and talk less” – her motto for every day.