Exchange vacation

Within the framework of cooperation with the Big Picture Learning (USA) our school plans an organization of vacations (2-4 week programs) for students for exchange. Therefore, a Kazakh family can send its child to an American family and take a child from the American family on vacation.

Such a vacation is very effective and affordable way to travel, and learn new things.

First, it is cost effective. Instead of paying for a voucher, staying at the hotel, excursions, commissions to agents, etc., it will be enough to pay for air travel and pocket expenses. In return, of course, it will be necessary to host a foreign child, to feed, to entertain. However, it will be a very interesting experience!

Secondly, it develops independence of children. The adolescent will have to join the family independently, adjust to their regime, and practice the language without teachers.

Finally, this is a rich cultural exchange. Within this short period, children can learn a lot about the country, culture, customs, way of life, and language.

Undoubtedly, the vacation for exchange will give many life skills to schoolchildren – independence, budgeting of their expenses, socialization in an unfamiliar environment, and a kind of passage through the “mini school of survival”.

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