Learning Through Internship

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.

                           ~ Confucius

The tasks, materials, ideas and skills that teenagers learn during the Semester arise from real (authentic) work / project / experience.

Learning Through Internship and Project Based Learning are the two main components that Atlas School implements on the basis of the educational program of Big Picture Learning. Students practice in real companies in cooperation with mentors and carry out real assignments and projects that are of importance to them.


  • preparation of a guide tour for a foreigner in Astana
  • budgeting for abroad  trip
  • clothes designer
  • history and perspectives of musical instrument development
  • set up a fitness center
  • set up a football club
  • calculate the cost of production of one glass of ice cream
  • organization of an exhibition of the artist
  • what facilities can be arranged for the blind students at school
  • management of the school cafeteria
  • set up a coffee shop
  • development of apps for iPhone
  • to investigate where the money goes from each pair of sneakers that you buy