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From October to November 2018, our students will go through  a program of Module aimed at personal development, entrepreneurial skills, assistance in choosing a university and future profession, as well as practice in real companies (LTI) and working on professional skills. The whole program will be in English (with Russian support). Also, in the middle of the semester (during the autumn holidays) the students will have  a group trip to the USA (visiting schools and universities).


Already in November of this year we open the Atlas doors for the 3rd module of the 1st semester. Our students will complete a program of module aimed at critical thinking, personal development, entrepreneurial skills, but at a more complex level. In addition, we help in choosing a university and a future profession, as well as practice in real companies (LTI) and work on professional skills. The entire program will be in English (with the support of Russia).

The program of the semester and the schedule of modules can be obtained by leaving an application for registration or by calling our school.

Costs – 75 000 tenge 

Venue: Atlas School, Saraishyk 11 A


Our goal

The Atlas School recognizes the identity and uniqueness of every teenager. It creates the atmosphere and conditions to uncover the I in each of them.
Our goal is not just graduate 100 adolescents, but to reveal 100 completely different “I”, and each of them knows how to:

Have integrity, self-respect and moral courage

Apply their knowledge in real life

Be healthy

Be able problem-solve and think critically


Be able to work independently and with others

Be ready to take risks

Be creative and brave in their dreams

Truly enjoy their life, their work, and be happy

Be life long learners


Astana citizens think that schools kill creativity

Astana citizens wish schools would teach the real life


Our advisors

The teachers at Atlas School are called Advisors, they are unique and dedicated ones who has the truly willing to challenge themselves, always demand more and beyond themselves as their life long living style and ready to guide the youngsters.