Welcome to the website of the unique educational center for teenagers
Education is not preparation for life;
Education is life itself

— John Dewey
Welcome to the website of the unique educational center for teenagers
About us
Our world is increasingly complex and constantly changing. Information doubles every 24 months, people change careers on average 4-5 times in their lives, and the nature of jobs changes so fast that we can't predict even a few years into future, what skills will be needed for existing jobs, nor what type of jobs will be created.

Schools have to prepare kids to be able to adapt, change, and continuous learning through their lives.
Atlas School was established in March 2018 by people who understand these realities of the world, who are not indifferent to the fate of the young generation of Kazakhstan and who are ready to invest their work, their ideas, resources and their time in creating an educational environment in which students can LEARN, APPLY, ANALYZE and CREATE.

Real transformations undergo in Atlas School: teenagers become conscious, purposeful, reveal their talents and abilities, they change, develop and learn.
What teens and their parents are facing today?
Lack of motivation to study
develop - because they do not understand why they study subjects at school, except for getting into university and finding a job and how it sounds hackneyed now - to find real profession. And what is this profession for? Is it alone for life? Why do I need to learn chemistry if I want to become a film producer?

is a consequence of the lack of goals and plans. When you don't have your own goals, why do something? Unless parents' sake and teachers?

Lack of goals

this is due to ignorance and misunderstanding of oneself, one's purpose, true desires, lack of quality conversations on this topic, environments where people talk about dreams, set goals, have ambitions
Fear of mistakes

society, attitudes, mentality require that children take "correct" actions, error-free answers to tests, guaranteed results. All of this creates a fear of mistakes, and where there are no mistakes there is no innovation!
Isolation, constraint

hence the lack of sociability, which leads to the inability to express / convey their thoughts, narrow horizons, clip thinking. All this is the result of the above and, in addition to all, the consumer style of behavior of today's teenagers
Our aim
An effective educational program is designed from the end-goal backwards. A clear vision of what its graduates should look like drives its design and actions. And this section reflects our vision of who such a graduate of Atlas School – is a person who knows how to:
be lifelong learners
be persevere
be passionate
have integrity and self-esteem
be able to apply knowledge in real life
be able to monetize their abilities and skills
be ready to take risks
have moral courage
be able to problem-solve and think and think critically
be able to use the world around them well
be able to look at things differently
be healthy
be able to work independently and with others
speak well, write well, read well and work well with numbers
be creative
truly enjoy their life and their work
Our program
Atlas believes in the uniqueness of every child and believes in the mission of adults - helping teens to understand themselves, their goals, their strengths, to strengthen their spirit and noble maturity and willingness to build their lives.
This is the main course of Atlas School, the goal is to lead a teenager to a conscious and balanced self-development. In order to come to talk about the profession, about money, about a career - first of all, you need to start with the core, the foundation of the individual, with the values - soul, body and mind.
Everyone should be able to monetize their abilities. As part of this course, young people will learn the philosophy and fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship, what is the difference between "rich and poor" dad, cost and profit, the essence of taxation, about sectors of the economy, and will begin to draw up their own budgets.
Learning Through Internship and Project Based Learning are the two main components that Atlas School implements based on the Big Picture Learning educational program. Students get to know each other, conduct interviews, and practice internships in real companies in collaboration with mentors and performing real tasks and projects in their area of interest.
«If man is created in the image of God, then what is education?
Education is the revelation of God in a child! ", Shalva Amonashvili
Planning and budgeting
«The world is a book. And who did not travel on it – read only one page!»,
Saint Augustin

Fundraising for
a trip
Logistics and
Self-support, independence and cost control
Individual and group tasks during the trip
Our goal is to motivate students to learn about the world and obtain new information. And nothing can develop us better than traveling. We plan group trips around Kazakhstani cities and abroad. During the school vacations, students head out to short (2-3 days) and long (1-2-3 weeks) tours around Kazakhstan and globe with advisors. Students choose the locations themselves (country, city). Such trips develop personal outlook, autonomy and responsibility for himself/herself and team mates. Alongside with getting along with new places, students get involved in a variety of games, quests, cultural and social entertainments.

We also organize special trips to familiarize teens with colleges & universities in the United States (Harvard, Wharton, Yale, MIT, Duke .. and others) and UK.

It is clear that from every trip, kids return filled with positive experiences and emotions, impressions, new knowledge, inspired and slightly matured.
strengthening the spirit and increasing self-esteem of the teenagers
Atlas Camp is a 7-10 day camp, which is a set of the most interesting and effective trainings from the main program of the school.
creativity and entrepreneurial spirit
ability to communicate and work in a team
love and friendship
solving problems
and conflicts
Atlas Camp is a 7-10 absolutely different from each other days full of enthusiasm, creativity and conscious work on yourself with joy in your heart and a smile on your face. After our camp, children return pumped, charged and inspired, and inspiration, as you know, is growth!
Trainings, tasks and projects within the camp program are aimed at:
Lessons are held in the form of discussions, group (10-15 kids) and individual tasks, public talks, very often tasks are given related to community through interaction with adults, requiring critical thinking and resourcefulness. Often children organize board games (Monopoly is the queen of the Atlas Games), watch movies, read books together.
Master classes and workshops from successful people - usually professionals from various fields (businessmen, representatives of the arts, bloggers, architects, government representatives, etc.). Also, as part of the LTI module - we go to enterprises to get acquainted with business processes, owners and company leaders.
Project based learning - teens make projects in conditions of limited resources, a given time and role-based approach. These can be individual projects, business projects, social projects (for example, in 2019, children raised over 350 thousand tenge to help a sick child).
Parents meetings. In order for the program to be effectively absorbed and introduced into the life of a teenager, cooperation with parents is very important. We periodically arrange meetings and master classes with parents in order to "check the clock" and be on the same page.
Atlas Games
Our signature intellectual and entrepreneurial games are often organized in Atlas.
Shark tank - is a special business-oriented Atlas event in which teenagers - entrepreneurs present their projects, business ideas and products to shark investors who decide to invest in these ideas / products or not.
Atlas quizzed is an intellectual game in which teens in teams answer various questions on erudition and ingenuity within 60 seconds.
One kid at a time approach - at the forefront - the individuality and interests of each child. At the beginning of the course, a series of individual meetings takes place between an Advisor and a teenager at which an Individual learning plan is drawn up for all aspects of life and is constantly monitored.
Education takes place on the territory of the School, and outside it in the real world - the street, shopping malls, offices - because we believe that the real education can not be divorced from life. Of course, the security mode is respected.
English Speaking zone
English is the main language of communication and training in the Atlas. We are for the active practice of the English language, so all materials, assignments are formed in English, and communication through English-Russian.
Program outcomes
Successful person is a collection of good habits
As a result of the Program, teens will develop useful habits in themselves - planning, from words to action, positive attitude, proactiveness, reliance on yourself and own strengths, to be able to see possibilities everywhere and many others.
Self-training and self-development
Teenagers will begin to build their own plans, goals, set priorities and look for their mission and profession. Having understood the algorithm of actions during the course, they will be able to create their own educational trajectory for themselves and educate themselves in the spirit of lifelong learner.
Thinking Outside the Box
Teenagers will look at things from different angles and think outside the box, without prejudice and limitations.
Self Confidence and Activity
Teenagers will gain confidence in themselves and their future by revealing and realizing their strengths and weaknesses. They will learn to use their strengths and be active both among their close and an unfamiliar environment.
Talking with anyone, anywhere and about anything is what the teens will come to after completing the program. The main skill of the 21st century and the inalienable quality of an entrepreneur is effective communication, the ability to ask questions, to distinguish opinions from facts, and think critically!
Family values
Kids will become aware and strengthen relationships with parents, elders in the family, brothers and sisters, maintain their family values.
The teachers at Atlas School are called Advisors, they are unique and dedicated ones who has the truly willing to challenge themselves, always demand more and beyond themselves as their life long living style and ready to guide the youngsters.
Madina Sypatayeva
Founder, advisor
Olzhas Sultanbekov
Madina is the founder of Atlas School. She is not only a PhD in Law, but also founded Linkage & Mind law firm and has been practicing law for over the last 19 years; and at the same time she is raising a beautiful daughter, Borte.
Olzhas Sultanbekov is an adviser, and is responsible for the balanced mental and physical development of adolescents. As a professional CrossFit trainer, he also has vast experience in marketing and sales.
Dennis Littky
General consultant
Dennis Littky is general consultant and spiritual leader for Atlas School. He is the co-founder and co-director of The Big Picture Company, The Met School and College Unbound in the United States of America.
Raikhan Amirova
Atlas School Advisor
For more than 20 years she has been working with children of different ages, has experience in a private kindergarten in the USA. She believes that strength is in teachers, in their wisdom, passion and a conscious attitude towards teaching and mentoring.

The teachers at Atlas School are called Advisors, they are unique and dedicated ones who has the truly willing to challenge themselves, always demand more and beyond themselves as their life long living style and ready to guide the youngsters.
Video feedbacks
Program cost
All program
This price includes:
- 2 times per week 2 hours at Atlas School
- participation in Friday events (games - Monopoly, Cash Flow, watching movies, philosophical evenings, meeting guests, auctions, etc.)
- individual meetings with the Advisor (according to the planned schedule)
- Atlas Camp discounts
- master classes and meetings with parents
- access to offline events (Shark Tank, Atlas Quizzed)
- discounts on Atlas merch (T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts)

800 000 ₸
The program starts on:
Сheck the dates with the administration
One month
The program starts on:
Сheck the dates with the administration
100 000 ₸
Not sure which option to choose?
We will help
Tell us about yourself, and we will help you find the course
Atlas School closely cooperate with Big Picture Learning.

This is an organization with 22 years of history. 130 of their schools are successfully operating worldwide. Big Picture Learning is a $ 20 million Education Innovation Grant holder from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

As part of the collaboration, the Atlas School team takes internships and online courses, exchanges experiences with Big Picture teachers. Students from the United States also come to Atlas, and Atlas plans to send Kazakh teens to BPL schools.
If you still have questions
Why the cost for the program might seem to be high?
Atlas has developed and gathered the best knowledge and best practices for the development of teenagers, which are of great value on a scale of life. Think of it as an investment, and a high-return investment that will save you and your son / daughter time and money in the future. Such knowledge is not taught at school and unfortunately not all parents can give it to their children. And remember how often you say, "Why didn't they teach us this at school?" Working with children is a long, painstaking way that the advisers take on with full dedication. That is why - this program is worth it!
What result will my child get from the program?
Understanding and awareness of their capabilities, strengths and interests, speaking to the public and free expression of their thoughts, manage their time and resources, be responsible for their actions.

Understanding the algorithm of actions on the path to choosing his profession will begin to do (rather than theorize), create an environment of people from a professional environment of interest, select suitable universities (abroad, in Kazakhstan), begin to prepare (SAT, IELTS / TOEFL), or maybe even create his own business or take the GAP year and get a job. Our task will be to support and shift responsibility to a child (of course, giving important advice and listening to his/her opinion). Atlas, in turn, constantly organizes supporting events to consolidate the results achieved and further progress.
And if my kid's English is not really good?
You understand that in the whole global world, information in English prevails most - about 80%, while in Russian it is only 2-3%. This is a great motivation for initially looking for and looking at information in the primary source - in English.

Even if materials, information, videos are given in English, there is always help with translation from guys with good English. This, incidentally, is a good motivation to engage in and improve language skills. The Atlas does not teach academic knowledge of the language - we give terms, slangs that are woven into the kid's vocabulary easily, because they often use them and they are "advanced" somewhere "cool". Motivational videos are watched with subtitles, then it begins to become a habit.
Madina Sypatayeva
Founder, advisor
Olzhas Sultanbekov
Dennis Littky
General consultant
Raikhan Amirova
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Body Mind Soul
☆ Who am I? My purpose. My goals. The balance of the soul-body-mind
☆ My surrounding. How does it affect me? Intelligence and skills vs. Environment
☆ Top 4 things people regret before dying
☆ My inner diamond. Hone facets.
☆ The body is a tool and its service life
☆ IQ, EQ and many more types of intelligences that no one talks about
☆ Consumption vs. Creation
☆ Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking
☆ Discipline, Willpower and Strength of Character
☆ Habits = Fate
☆ Goals. What are they needed for? How to put them right?
☆ Priorities. Action plan. Reflection
☆ Family. The power of the genus.
☆ Energy and how to pump it
☆ Inspiration. IKIGAI
☆ I, world and global context
Course Topics:
It is important to understand the capabilities of your body, increase its endurance, and understanding how the state of the body affects mental development (mind, emotions).
The teens will work to build a harmonious circle of life balance, learn how to set goals, set priorities, create an action plan.
In addition to IQ, there are many other types of intelligence, and each of them is developed differently. Teenagers will hone their intelligence (logic, critical thinking, creative thinking) and reveal their strengths and growth areas.
Self-discipline, self-motivation, introspection, understanding of one's state of flow are important components of the course.
Spiritual development is an integral part of personality development, it gives us inspiration and growth, the ability to understand and accept ourselves, gain new knowledge, accumulate energy, love life and be happy.
☆ Entrepreneurial mindset. Prosperity and dignity
☆ Rich and poor dad. What is the difference in their mindset?
☆ Information. How it is transformed
☆ Opinion vs. Fact
☆ How do I spend money? Need vs. Want. Personal budget
☆ Trade is the basis of entrepreneurship
☆ Communication is the most important skill of an entrepreneur.
☆ Marketing. 5 P's of marketing (product, price, place, promotion and people)
☆ Taxes. Why do we pay them?
☆ 2 $ - your starting capital
☆ Situation + Reaction = Consequences
☆ Reasonable risk
☆ Mistakes = Innovation
Course Topics:
This course helps to unveil the spirit of entrepreneurship in the teens and realize the value of money and time, their own labor and efforts, and also teach independent thinking and the creation of their projects. From Consumerism to Creation. From Performance to Proactivity and Creativity.
Learning Through Internship
☆ Ancient Greek mythology and sectors of the economy
☆ Areas of art and their monetization
☆ Architecture as an art and as a profession
☆ Performing Arts - Monetization and Professions
☆ Sport. How to make money there if you are not an athlete?
☆ Film industry. Who does skim the cream?
☆ Book market. Who makes money in it - the author, publisher or retailer?
☆ Agriculture - From Field to Confectionery
☆ Oil and Gas - from oil rigs to gas stations or plastic bags
☆ Construction - from the land to the business center
☆ Bank. Credit. Interest. Mortgage
☆ Industry. The cost of your sneakers
☆ Why do we need laws?
☆ Trade. How ZARA Works
☆ Coding, IT, Silicon Valley
☆ Google, Amazon, Facebook
Темы курса:
If a teenager is passionate about football, there are many ways to immerse him in project management, finance, communication, planning and marketing around all the same football! But he will study and engage with sincere interest, than forcing him to learn some kind of abstract theory. The tasks, materials, ideas and skills that teenagers learn as part of this course arise from real (authentic) work / project / experience. Here, teens work on the selection of universities (Kazakhstan and abroad), writing a biography, motivation letter, essay, CV and portfolio formation.