Isaacs Joe


Isaacs Joe is an English language adviser and responsible for making Atlas School as an English speaking zone and encouraging kids to cross the language barrier.
He has been to all four corners of the world, he began travelling at the age of 11 and has amassed a lot of things socially, educationally, psychologically and individually. He believes, we could use some core factors from the past and merge with the present world and flow in most aspects of existence as Homo-sapiens.
He believes in the strength of team work and diversity, because it’s paramount to our co-existence.
Life is beautiful and awesome, we can make it better, and what better way to pass legacies of positive inputs and productivties, if not via the younger generation coming up.
Breaking barriers of all forms should be done collectively in a serene, respectful, fun, honest and safe environment.
He says: “The journey of eternity starts with a step”, “There is a colossal power in diversity”.