Module III – I LOVE
family, friends, love, community

It is during adolescence that all events related to family relationships, with first love, are most acute, there is the process of forming the friendship, the first clashes between peers for leadership and many other emotional events that postpone a very strong imprint on further behavior and character of a person. The module “I LOVE” will help the participants to understand the strengths of a happy family, why love can overcome everything, who friends are and what the power of friendship is, how to adapt in society – to cooperate and compete, what it means to be self-sufficient and much more, that cannot be discussed with parents at home or teachers at school.

  • Me and my family
  • Genes and inheritance
  • Friends (real and virtual)
  • Love (acquaintances, dates, relationships)
  • Family
  • Community where I live
  • Self esteem. Cooperation. Socializing.  Competition