Module II – I CREATE
building a career, entrepreneurship, money

“A profession must initially be an act of love. And no way the act of marriage by calculation”. H. Murakami

Only an informed and voluntary choice of a profession makes a person happy and successful. Therefore, the task of this module is to save children from stereotypes, myths and fears about education, professions and future work, and help them to observe on practice and try different professions and fields of activity. The children will get acquainted with the professions of the past, present and future, will visit different enterprises and worksites, talk with representatives of different fields of activity, go to different universities and see student life from the inside. To learn how to ask questions to yourself and professionals from different spheres and perhaps find mentors for further development and professional orientation.

Regardless of what talents, interests and goals in life, money and well-being are inseparable from the main activity of a person. Everyone should be able to monetize their abilities. Within the framework of this Module, young people will learn the philosophy and basics of business, entrepreneurship, will try to create their own start-ups, budgeting and planning their expenses. This module will help to disclose the spirit of entrepreneurship in teens and realize the value of money and time, their own labor and effort, and also teach independent thinking and the creation of their projects.

  • My calling, my talents (professional orientation test)
  • Professions of yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Skills of the Person of 21 century
  • New technologies
  • Getting to know the real professions (visits to different workplaces)
  • Meetings with people of different professions (Guest Speakers)
  • Capitalist, entrepreneur, owner
  • Idea, start-up, business
  • Market, sales
  • Finance and Budget
  • Team, partnership
  • Law
  • Personal, family budget