The educational program is designed in a matrix format which is based on three main components:

Learning Through Internship

The whole Semester lasts 9 months (36 weeks) from September till May and consists of these three main components.
During the Program students go through 6 cycles (6 weeks in each) of vertically developed content specially designed in Atlas.

Atlas Program adapted for 4 categories of age groups: Atlas Kids (7-9 y.o.); Atlas Juniors (10-12 y.o.); Atlas Teens (13-14 y.o.) and Atlas Highs (15-17 y.o.).

And since Atlas School – is English speaking zone – for more efficient and accelerated raising of students’ level of English, all materials and recourses are provided in English language. Separately for the students preparing to enter the university are conducted training programs for IELTS, SAT and NUPYFET.

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Learning Through Internship

Atlas Camp

Atlas Intensive

Atlas Trips

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